is a fast growing ambitious traditional Fish & Chip shop with a very modern makeover located in the heart of Enfield, London.

We currently have been awarded the maximum hygiene rating by the local council and rated "Top 10 best newcomer" by the prestigious National Fish & Chips Awards 2016. are deeply passionate about raising the standards for the traditional British Fish & Chips shop.  Our chefs are highly experienced and trained to fry-to-perfection each piece of fish in front of your eyes as soon as you make your order at the shop.

Our secret to tightly caressing the freshest moist delicate fish fillets in the thinnest, crispiest and lightest golden batter - is decades of constant experimentation with different combination of ingredients, frying oils, temperatures and timings.

"Freshness" is one of the key ingredients required to enhance the flavour of our Fish & Chips.  Our Fish is sustainably caught, filleted and frozen within 2-6 hours and our Chips are cut from the finest available potatoes each morning.  Each piece of Fish is cooked fresh to order in our British wheat medium lift batter, providing a light but crispy coating that locks in the natural moisture of our delicate fresh Fish.

Thanks for visiting our website, please come into our shop and ask for a free sample of chips if you are a new customer.

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